Female MMA Fighter Bio: Alexis “Ally Gator” Davis

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Name:Alexis Davis

Nickname: Ally-Gator

Height: 5’5”

Primary Weightclass: Bantamweight

Fighting out of: Cesar Gracie Fight Team, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Fights for: UFC, formerly of StrikeForce and Invicta.

Selected Alexis Davis  Quote: “It’s real competition and your wins and losses very much count. But they also want to bring out the personality. They want the drama, they want all of the dirt. This is like a sport and soap opera mixed together”

Trivia: In 2009, during Extreme Challenge, Davis lost by TKO in the third round, after a medical professional stopped the fight due to a cut. Incidentally, it won the 2009 MMA Fight of the Year. While she currently fights at a bantamweight, this Canadian fighter is formerly a flyweight.

Achievements: Alexis is a grappling medalist and a black belt martial artist twice over.  She has competed in the Canadian Grappling Open, and is a black belt in both Japanese and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Ally Gator also won the Raging Wolf Women’s Flyweight tourney, matched up with and defeating fellow flyweight Molly Helsel.

Alexis Davis Bio: There isn’t much information on Alexis’ early life, but Ally Gator exploded on the mixed martial arts circuit on April 7, 2007 against fellow Canadian Sarah Kaufman. Ally lost the match, but she would soon prove herself worthy. Winning the next match against Jody Wadsworth by TKO, she would go on to win the next five in a row. She lost the seventh match to Tara LaRosa in War at the Shore in 2009, where the match was stopped by the ringside doctor.

Later in October 2009,  Davis would win the flyweight division championship at the Raging Wolf competition, and defend the championship twice to fighter Tonya Evinger, once in May 2010, and again in November of the same year.  She won both times and still holds the title for the Raging Wolf Promotions.

Davis would eventually move to fight for StrikeForce; her last match with them set her up Sarah Kaufman once more, and in a trending loss, Davis lost the match in a third round unanimous decision. She fought twice more and won both matches before folding gracefully with the rest of the pack when StrikeForce was bought out by UFC.

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