Miesha “Cupcake” Tate bio, stats, quotes and more!

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Behind the scenes photo from Miesha’s Fitness Gurls magazine cover via her Twitter, follow her @MieshaTate

Name: Miesha Tate

Cupcake (Current), Takedown


Primary Weightclass: 

Fighting out of: 
Team Alpha Male, Yakima, Washington

Fights for: 
UFC, formerly StrikeForce

Selected Miesha Tate  Quote: Becoming a champion means more to me than anything—more than a rematch, more than anything. That’s something that when I’m 80 years old someday and I have kids and grandkids I can look back and say, ‘Look, this is what I did. This is my accomplishment.’ So that’s my ultimate goal.

Trivia:  Miesha Tate possibly had a less difficult time breaking into women’s mixed martial arts than anyone – she was already experienced in playing on the boys team. Cupcake started her career in high school with her own gender team issues: there was no girl’s team, so Miesha  wrestled on the boys team.

Achievements: Tate is a Strikeforce Bantamweight Championship holder, and a silver medalist in grappling. In addition to that, she has won Female MMA Fighter of the Year and Female Bantamweight of the Year for 2010.  In 2011, she won the Fighter of the Year again, this time along with Submission of the Year. She is stacked with wrestling awards from her high school efforts:  In 2007, she won the WIAA All State, and the WIAA Girls High School State Championship.

Miesha Tate Bio: Most people know who Miesha Tate is – she’s been around in female MMA fighting since 2007. She debuted in a HookNShoot  competition, winning against Jan Finney, but lost later in the night to Kaitlin Young, who went on to win the tournament. Cupcake went on to win six more fights before losing by decision to Sarah Kaufman, the last of which would earn her the FCF Bantamweight Championship. It was the first time that Sarah,  a former Strikeforce  Bantamweight Championship herself, would need a decision to end a match.

So how did Tate come by the Strikeforce Bantamweight Championship? She fought Marloes Coenen after Coenen snagged the title from Kaufman in July 2011. Originally Marloes held the title in the welterweight division, but while trying to hammer out the women’s weight class, Strikeforce folded the welterweight class into the bantamweight, forcing Miesha into the titlematch. She later lost the title ship to Rowdy Ronda and Ronda carried it until the promotion folded into the UFC.

Tate officially joined the UFC in February 2013 and faced Cat Zingano, the winner of which would earn  a title shot against Rousey later on in the year. Miesha lost the match, but the two women were the first women to receive fight of the night honors in the UFC.

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